LifeWatch ERIC newsletter | Issue 10 | June 2021


The lead story in this June edition of the LifeWatch ERIC newsletter is the ENVRI Community International School, to be held online at the end of September 2021. This edition's theme is Services for FAIRness, from design to publication. Registration open now!

Other exciting news includes the success of our e-Science for NIS Research Workshop, held on 20-21 May. This was our first opportunity to present the years of work carried out by our Internal Joint Initiative, and was followed up by a Hands-on Session.  We also took part in several external events, such as the AERAP Science and Innovation Summit and the RI-VIS Latin America - Europe Symposium.

But that's not all! In this newsletter you can also read about the innovative new projects we are partnering in, such as BiCiKL and EOSC Future, as well as the prize we were recently awarded for our efforts in environmental sustainability. Of particular note is the appointment of Inmaculada Figueroa as the new Chair of the LifeWatch ERIC General Assembly – we extend her our congratulations and wish her all the best. And it's not all about the ERIC; we strongly recommend catching up on all the great activities going on at LifeWatch Belgium.

Last but not least, be sure to check out all the research fellowships and grant opportunities at LifeWatch Italy, as well as other events coming up soon in our calendar. Here below you can ensure you never miss a LifeWatch ERIC newsletter update!

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