How we work

LifeWatch ERIC is a distributed research infrastructure consortium founded by seven European Member States. Its structure mirrors its nature, with central components and Common Facilities located in three Member States, and national branches in all other countries.

LifeWatch ERIC's current members are  Belgium, Greece, ItalyNetherlandsPortugalSlovenia, Spain
Slovakia participates as an Observer.


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LifeWatch ERIC relies on a multi-level governance model to ensure effective decision-making, smooth management, scientific soundness and transparency of processes.

The infrastructure includes two main Statutory Bodies to carry out these functions:

  • The General Assembly, the highest governing body, in charge of the overall direction and supervision of infrastructure activities
  • The Executive Board, responsible for day-to-day management, ensuring the consistency, coherence and stability of infrastructure services and coordination between the Common Facilities and Distributed Centres.

These are supported by three Subsidiary Bodies:

  • The Scientific and Technical Advisory Board (STAB)
  • The Financial Committee (FINCOM)
  • The In-Kind Contribution Committee (IKCC).


Policies and internal rules

Following the Recommendation of the General Assembly, a set of policies and internal rules were have been developed to ensure LifeWatch ERIC smooth functioning.

All LifeWatch ERIC Plocies and Internal Rules are listed below.

Please note that those marked with a * are available to the wider public, while access to the others is restricted, therefore the link will only open if you are logged in with your LwOS account and have the necessary permissions.