Training & education

LifeWatch ERIC provides training and learning opportunities, particularly for young researchers, to ensure user-friendly access to all the data, services and resources available within LifeWatch ERIC, with the aim of building skills in bio-informatics and involving citizens in biodiversity and ecosystem research.


The LifeWatch Training Centre is powered by the Service Centre and currently offers targeted services for a range of users.


Training Platform – LifeWatch ERIC provides courses & tutorials to help researchers get the most out of its resources, tools and services.

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Training Catalogue The LifeWatch ERIC training catalogue has been designed and developed by following simple but effective requirements, mainly based on the need to find educational material.

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Training initiatives

We develop and host training platforms for sister projects and initiatives.




LifeWatch for schools

We offer multi media resources for education

We offer multimedia educational resources for teachers and students wishing to extend their knowledge of biodiversity and ecosystems.