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LifeWatch Italy thesauri documentation


LifeWatch Italy thesauri documentation

LifeWatch Italy (LW-ITA) produced and published, with CNR Edizioni, an exhaustive document on the process of implementation of its thesauri. The publication provides a comprehensive introduction to thesauri and insights on how LW-ITA pursues their construction following international standards and best practices.

The document describes the collaborative process, involving different working groups with specific roles in the different phases of thesauri implementation.

Actually, this process is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration of experts from both the functional domains and information and communication technologies. In this context, experts in the specific domain had a central role in the different phases of thesauri implementation, allowing to produce shared and stable versions of thesauri and to extend the range of covered concepts.

The document also comprises an extensive description of the information characterizing each concept of the thesaurus. Each element of the concepts (URI, preferred term/preferred label, non preferred term/alternative label and notes) and its SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) formalisation is described and so are the semantic relationships among concepts, distinguishing in inter-thesaurus and cross-thesauri relationships.

A paragraph is dedicated to the mapping process for the identification of the semantic correspondence or equivalence among concepts of LW-ITA thesauri.

Finally, retrieval through SPARQL queries and accessibility via API are described.

The publication is downloadable here.