06/12/17 5:40 PM

LifeWatch ERIC heartily endorses the European Open Science Cloud-EOSC establishment

On 12 June, the Commission held the European Open Science Cloud-EOSC Summit in Brussels. The Summit has been the Europe's moment of commitment to the EOSC and it will generate a number of concrete EOSC Statements for implementation. By reviewing key areas of EOSC implementation and endorsing the EOSC statements, participants have taken upon themselves to make the EOSC a reality by 2020.In that respect, the summit wanted to mark a clear milestone, and prove willingness to build the EOSC as an inclusive and sustainable open commons for Europe's research and innovation system.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas opened the event with a speech, which will was followed by a panel discussion. Five substantive sessions followed, on the key aspects of the implementation of the EOSC, being Director-General Robert-Jan Smits chairing the event. LifeWatch ERIC was invited (upon invitation by European Commission only) to attend and participate being represented by its Interim Chief Technology Officer-CTO, Dr. Juan Miguel González-Aranda.