07/30/15 9:46 AM

Scientific and Technical description of LifeWatch ERIC document

LifeWatch Information System Architecture.

The document is based on the existing "LifeWatch ERIC Distributed Construction: STRATEGIC PLAN" presented and discussed during the 5th LifeWatch e-Infrastructure Construction Operational Meeting held in Málaga on February 2015.

As agreed in the above-mentioned meeting, this new version of the Scientific and Technical description was elaborated by an Editorial Committee composed by Christos Arvanitidis, Alberto Basset, Juan Miguel González-Aranda, Francisco ("Tjess") Hernández, Benjamín Sánchez, Peter Van Tienderen, with the collaboration of Wouter Los.

This completion of this document is a major step forward to the achievement of LifeWatch ERIC as it is a pre-requisite for the submission of the ERIC application. We are working close with our Ministry of Finance finishing our internal procedures before asking the countries interested in participating in LifeWatch to sign up to express their formal support to the submission.

Scientific and Technical description of LifeWatch ERIC document