By Anna Maria Wremp (Swedish LifeWatch) 03/13/14 12:08 AM

Sweden: Postponed application date and prolonged funding

A researcher using a microscope. /Archive from Lunds University

The Swedish Research Council has decided to review the funding model for national research infrastructures. During this process, no open calls will be made for long-term financing of national infrastructures. Swedish LifeWatch will thus apply for new funding in 2015 instead of 2014, but gets an automatic one year extension of the existing contract and funding.

The current contract period for Swedish LifeWatch for the first construction phase runs 2010-2014. Preparations were made for the submission of an application for continued funding in March 2014. However, the Swedish Research Council has decided make a review of its financing and organization models for national research infrastructures. While the review is being done, no open calls for long-term financing of existing or new infrastructures will be made.

To solve the situation for projects whose current contract period expires in 2014, the Swedish Research Council has decided that Swedish LifeWatch together with ten other Research Infrastructures will get an automatic extension of the existing contract period through 2015.

Unfortunately, for Swedish LifeWatch the provided funds for 2015 do not allow for any major new developments in 2015. Instead, the resources will be allocated to operation and management of existing services.

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