02/19/14 11:09 AM

Parallel sessions, working groups, discussion areas

Members of the E-Services working group.

The Carme de la Victoria was fully occupied by LifeWatch working groups the second day of the meeting. After the first day of sessions, where a general vision of the situation and the different posibilities of action was obtained, participants debated their views in four parallel sessions related with the four identified components associated to LifeWatch's core: Resources, e-infrastructure, Composition and e-Services & Virtual Research environments.

The Resources group, chaired by professor Bonet, addressed the data portals in the electronical infrastructure and the e-infrastructure working session, presided by Mr. Girona, concentrated on the interoperability issues. As for Composition discussion, front by Mr. Giorgio Matteucci, the members focused on middleware and service centre portal, and finally the e-Services & Virtual Research environments group, leaded by Mr. van Tienderen, pointed out the virtual labs future onto this project.

The chairs of each group provided the inputs from their respective sessions to the plenary meeting, and a general debate was followed. This whole process lead to the identification of the conclusions of the "2nd LifeWatch e-Infrastructure Construction Operational Meeting".